Feb 3, 2014; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders (8) grabs a rebound against New York Knicks forward Amar

NBA Trade Rumors: Bucks won't get top ten draft pick for Larry Sanders

When it comes to NBA trade rumors, few players have had their name linked to more destinations than Milwaukee Bucks forward Larry Sanders.

Despite a talented skill-set, Sanders has reportedly been on the trade block for quite some time as he deals with a multitude of issues including injury, a large contract and problems off the court. He’s also alleged to be a bit of a hot head in the locker room which may or may not involve a possible punch to the head of a teammate.

Needless to say, Sanders hasn’t exactly helped his trade value, something the Bucks are becoming increasingly aware of as yesterday news broke suggesting the market is rather limited for Sanders’ services. So any hope the Bucks had of obtaining a possible top ten pick for their young forward appears to be all but gone.

Answering a fan question on Twitter, Basketball Insiders analyst Steve Kyler suggested that the Bucks acquiring such a pick isn’t going to happen.

If Sanders wasn’t dealing with off-court issues and didn’t have a four-year, $44 million dollar contract set to kick in this season then teams would likely be lining up at the door to offer such a return, though, if he didn’t have those things he wouldn’t be on the trade block in the first place.

Sanders is certainly a scary proposition for an obtaining team, though, he also brings with him immense talent so there’s certainly a hefty risk versus reward scenario surrounding the Bucks forward. But is the risk worth a top ten pick? Understandably not.


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