Thomas Müller head collides with John Boye, bleeds like crazy (GIF)

Germany and Ghana played a remarkably tough and close game, which ended in a 2-2 draw. Late in the second half, in stoppage time, Germany had won a free kick and it was likely going to be their final chance at the game-winning goal.

Toni Kroos steps up to take the free kick and sends it into the box and Thomas Müller went for it and attempted to head it in on goal. As he was going for the header John Boye defender also tried to get a head on it, to get the ball out of the front of the goal.

Instead the two banged heads rather hard, and both men hit the turf as the whistle blew. When the cameras showed the two lying on the ground, Müller’s head was bleeding a lot. Müller of course was the hero in their World Cup opening game against Portugal with three goals and would be a huge lost in their line up.

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head butt 1

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