Kanye West makes surprise appearance at Dave Chappelle comedy show (Video)

Dave Chappelle is getting back into the swing of things with a series of sold out comedy shows at Radio City Music Hall. Friday night, Chappelle’s old pal Kanye West dropped in for a surprise three-song performance.

Kanye dusted off “New Slaves,” “Gold Digger” and “Jesus Walks” for the delighted crowd. See everyone? Kanye still does cool stuff. He isn’t just this annoying tabloid figure. He is still a performer.

Kanye hasn’t just become Kim Kardashian’s largest, most expensive, grouchiest accessory. He isn’t just arm candy for the Queen of All Irrelevance. He isn’t just a trophy husband. He isn’t just out there selling copies of Us Weekly and People.

And Dave Chappelle is back too, making comedy like the old days. Man this is great. Chappelle out there doing comedy, Kanye throwing off the Kardashian yoke for at least one night.

Can we bring back the old versions of more people who were great in the mid-’00s but now suck? Kobe Bryant. Nicolas Cage. Beck. Michael Vick. Let’s wind that clock back. Let’s party like it’s 2004.

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