Anna Paquin and Joe Manganiello as Sookie Stackhouse and Alcide Herveaux in the Season 7 Premiere of "True Blood" entitled "Jesus Gonna Be Here." Photo Credit: HBO

True Blood Season 7 Premiere: Live stream, start time, TV info, and more

Tonight is the beginning of the end for our favorite residents of Bon Temps. When tonight’s Season Premiere of the hit HBO Original Series True Blood gets started, it will be the beginning of the show’s final season.

As they say, all good things must come to an end eventually.

Unfortunately, the town of Bon Temps is anything but peaceful right now.

There are vampires out there that have been infected by a disease known as Hep-V; a disease that was created by the late Governor Truman Burrell.

Now, vampire attacks are at an all-time high, and if someone doesn’t do something about it, and fast, this could spell out the end of all life in the small Louisiana town; human and vampire alike.

So, what can we expect from tonight’s Season 7 Premiere of True Blood? Well, it just so happens we have your answer right here.

Here’s a quick look at the synopsis for tonight’s Season Premiere of True Blood entitled “Jesus Gonna Be Here.”

“A gruesome attack at a vampire-human mixer, led by a group of H-vamps throws the Bon Temps into chaos, as the finger is pointed at one it’s most well-known residents. Jessica tries to make up for mistakes she has made in the past. Bill faces up to some vigilantes. In Morocco, Pam tries to resolve a mystery.”

Here is all the information you’ll need to make sure you don’t miss a minute of the action on tonight’s Season Premiere of True Blood kicks off on HBO.

Date: Sunday, June 22nd
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Episode Name: “Jesus Gonna Be Here”
TV Info: HBO
Live Stream: You can watch all the latest episodes, clips, and previews of True Blood on HBO GO.

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While we wait for all the action to get started on tonight’s season premiere of True Blood, let’s take a look at a clip from tonight’s episode which is entitled “Jesus Gonna Be Here.”

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