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True Blood season 7 premiere 'Jesus Gonna Be Here' preview (Video)

Tonight marks the beginning of the end for our favorite residents of the small Louisiana town named Bon Temps. You see, when the Season 7 Premiere of the hit HBO Original Series True Blood kicks off tonight, it will be the beginning of the final season of the series.

Based off of the Southern Vampire Novels from best-selling author Charlaine Harris, True Blood has had six successful seasons which have shown the ups and downs of life in a world where the vampires have come out of the coffin and live amongst the humans as their equals.

Well, some vampires would consider themselves the superior race over the humans, but that depends on who you speak to on the matter.

Right now, the small town of Bon Temps finds themselves in an extremely precarious situation. Thanks to a huge shipment of tainted Tru Blood sent into the world by the late Governor Truman Burrell, a great number of vampires have become infected with a disease known as Hep-V.

Hep-V causes vampires, which could in normal circumstances be productive members of society, to go completely insane and head out on murderous rampages.

As the disease begins to spread, vampire attacks are at an all-time high. The human population of Bon Temps is anything but safe.

Some of the population has been brought under the protection of the vampires. Those humans who are negative for the Hep-V virus, and who have volunteered, have been paired up with a non-infected vampire as their “food source” until the situation can be brought under control.

Unfortunately, it seems as if there is something much larger at play here.

When all of the chaos begins, the human population of Bon Temps starts to lose their cool. This causes them to turn against one another. People who once called each other friends now find themselves taking up arms against those they love.

One of the questions that is burning, literally, in the back of fan’s minds is what in the world happened to Eric Northman? When last we saw him, he was sitting peacefully, butt naked, on top of a snowy mountain reading a book. Suddenly, the spell that was warding him from the sun inexplicably wore off and he burst into flames.

Unfortunately, that is where the episode left us. Talk about a cliffhanger that makes fans start screaming at their televisions. They can’t possibly be killing off one of our favorite fanged friends, now can they?

Will the people of Bon Temps ever find any peace within all of the chaos? Will Bill, Sookie, Alcide, Andy, Sam, Jason, and the rest of Bon Temps be able to get the Hep-V situation under control and restore some sort of order to the town? Furthermore, what in the world happened to Eric high atop the frozen mountain? I guess we’ll have to watch and find out.

While we wait for tonight’s season premiere to get started on HBO, here is a look at a clip from tonight’s episode that shows Sam and Bill at Merlotte’s trying to sort out the Hep-V situation.


The final season of True Blood airs on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

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