How far does Mario run in Super Mario Bros?

Since 1985, gamers worldwide have been running through the Mushroom Kingdom, traveling from castle to castle and dodging countless fire sticks all for the sole purpose of saving Princess Peach from the evil clutches of the ugliest dinosaur/turtle creature on earth, Bowser.

But how far do we actually travel during this quest to save the Princess? Well, Nick Greene from Mental Floss decided to find that out a couple of months back, and the answer may surprise you.

Doing calculations based on Mario’s height, the length of his stride along with map layouts of each level, Greene calculated the length of the trip with two different scenarios. The first scenario calculates the distance of the trip if Mario doesn’t take any shortcuts or explore any bonus levels. The other scenario has Mario take those trips.

If Mario doesn’t take any shortcuts, Greene determines that Mario travels 3.4 miles to get from the beginning of World 1-1 to the end of the game. With bonus areas, Mario travels 3.7 miles in total.  He also found that Mario swims 371 meters, or the length of 7 and a half laps in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

To figure out just how Greene reached his conclusions, be sure to check out his full breakdown at Mental Floss.

Mike’s Musings: Talking about expecting one thing and getting the complete opposite of what you expected. I really thought Mario would be travelling hundreds of miles to get to the princess. But, alas, he travels the average distance I walk in a day. 

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