Paul McCartney website posts fan video for ‘Save Us’

Paul McCartney’s website posted a challenge for fans of the former Beatles and Wings star, asking them to take a line from McCartney’s “Save Us” and personalize it in a creative way. The site took the submissions and mashed them with the lyrics to the song to create a fan inspired video.


“I do love that thing about songs – when you release them they become ‘people’s property’; they’re not mine anymore. If someone puts a meaning on one of my songs that suits them, then that’s great, I can only be complimented by that.” McCartney said about his music.

Apparently, McCartney was so impressed with the responses by the fans that he has asked his website marketers to come up with some more creative ideas to involve the fans. The 72-year-old rock star is currently touring, promoting his “Out There” album. An illness forced him to cancel shows in Japan and the U.S. portion of his tour will resume on July 5 in Albany, New York.

Other U.S. shows  in Lubbock, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Nashville and Louisville, have been postponed until October. McCartney’s show catalog spans his entire career from his time with The Beatles to his own band Wings, as well as all of his solo efforts.

McCartney’s website tells fans that if they didn’t get included in this video, more opportunities will come.

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