911 call from Hope Solo incident released (Audio)

As the United States is getting all excited about soccer and the Americans run the discussion about the sport’s rise in popularity is in the forefront again. And with the sport in the spotlight it’d be a very bad time for any notable soccer players to give the sport a black eye, or to get in trouble.

That is just what United States women’s national team goal keeper Hope Solo did, being arrested over the weekend and charged with two counts of domestic violence assault for allegedly attacking her sister and nephew at a family party.

The details on the incident were vague, but TMZ got their hands on the 911 call tape and it is pretty eye-opening to hear.

The person making the call says, “Hope Solo is going psychotic. She’s f**king beating people up, and we need help.”

TMZ also added:

Cops raced to the scene and said the sister and nephew had visible injuries — and Solo was arrested for domestic violence. Her nephew later said he pulled a BB gun on Solo during the altercation in an effort to stop Solo from continuing her attack.

Solo maintains that she is the victim and pled not guilty to the charges in court Monday.

Hear the 911 call below:

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