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Bad News Barrett injured at the WWE Smackdown taping?

Especially with the way that his momentum has been on the upswing since his return to the ring, you would hate to see anything derail the push of WWE Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett. Unfortunately, though, on Tuesday night something may have indeed put a damper on all the good that has been happening.

At the Smackdown taping on Tuesday night, just six days before the Money in the Bank pay-per-view where he will be involved in the traditional contract ladder match, Barrett suffered a shoulder injury, according to

Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett may have been injured during the June 24 “Smackdown” tapings. During a post-match segment with Dean Ambrose and Jack Swagger, Barrett apparently suffered a shoulder injury.

Ambrose defeated Barrett in their match, then attacked Swagger and Barrett with a ladder in defense. Barrett apparently went down grabbing his shoulder, when WWE officials then attended to the superstar. The official through up the “X” symbol, which indicates injury, and Barrett was said to be screaming obscenities in pain.

Now while there have been a few instances where they have used the ref throwing up the “X” signal in the past, they have only done it a few times, and never really on a taped show such as Smackdown. If they go that route, it’s generally on live TV to give the angle a little more realistic feel.

So now, sadly, it looks as if the huge wave of momentum that Barrett has been riding as of late my die down for a bit until he recovers from however bad this injury is.

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