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Big Brother 16 spoilers and twists

On Wednesday night, the latest season of the CBS hit summer reality show Big Brother premieres and there will be a new set of twists as always.

Throughout the past few weeks leading up to the Big Brother 16 premiere, there have been a number of twists and rumors that have made their way to the internet and now they can be compiled into one convenient and easy to follow list.

So what do we know about the show so far?

Here is a list of the confirmed rumors:

HOH’s are not guaranteed safety: In past year’s the Head of Household (HOH) was a prized position because it guaranteed your safety in the house. This season, not so much.

Two HOH’s: There will be two people running the house each and every week. With two HOH’s, there will also be four nominees. There will be a lot of uneasy folks in the house early on in the competition which means we may not need to wait long for lines to be drawn.

New competition to determine what HOH is safe: Since there are two HOH’s in this year’s installment of the show and safety is not guaranteed, the new competition will determine which of the HOH’s is no longer safe. The competition is title “The Battle of the Block” and it will air on Sunday’s.

Live feed exclusive votes: CBS offered up an “Early Bird” special to those who were interested in buying the live feeds for this season of the show. As it turns out, those viewers that purchase the live feeds will have the opportunity to vote on exclusive polls that is just for live feed subscribers.

Team America: This one is pretty self explanatory. In recent seasons, there has been an “America’s Vote,” which has certain impacts on the game. This year, there will be a team of players that has a special impact (perhaps the houseguests will be split into two teams) but there is no exact confirmation on what the America advantage will be.

As another twist, this year’s cast will move into the house on two separate nights as part of a two-night premiere for the show.

This year’s cast of 16 housemates will once again be competing in the summer long competition for a $500,000 prize.

Big Brother 16 premieres Wednesday night on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.

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