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Chris Pratt as Owen in "Jurassic World." Photo Credit: Universal Pictures/Legendary Pictures

Go behind the scenes of Jurassic World (Video)

In one more day, we will have exactly one more year to wait until the release of the upcoming action-packed adventure Jurassic World.

While this seems like ages away, this just gives the studio plenty of time to build anticipation and to make the film the very best that it can be.

The good news is, we don’t have to wait that long to get a behind the scenes look at what is in store for the upcoming film.

Thanks to the good people over at Today, we now have a look at the set of the upcoming film, and hear from some of the film’s stars as to what fans can look forward to when the doors to Jurassic World finally open to the public.

In the film, 22 years have passed since John Hammond first had the idea to open up a park where the prehistoric and the future came together for all to see.

The park is flooded with people every day who want to see the creatures that roamed the Earth long before we ever did. With a popularity like this, there is no reason why they wouldn’t want to expand. Unfortunately, while they are in the middle of that expansion, something goes horribly wrong and the people in the park end up running for their lives once again.

Why don’t you take a look for yourselves? Here is a look at Today’s behind the scenes visit to the set of the upcoming film Jurassic World.

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Jurassic World is being directed by Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow. The screenplay for the film is being penned by Trevorrow and his Safety Not Guaranteed partner Derek Connolly.

The film stars Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt, The Twilight Saga’s Bryce Dallas Howard, X-Men: Days of Future Past actor Omar Sy, Archer star Judy Greer.

Jurassic World also stars Idris Elba, Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins, Law & Order: Criminal Intent’s Vincent D’Onofrio, and returning to the franchise is B.D. Wong as Henry Wu.

Jurassic World is scheduled to be released on June 12, 2015.

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