Mr. Freeze from the New 52. Could the chilling character be heading to the new series "Gotham?" Photo Credit: DC Comics

Could Mr. Freeze be headed to Gotham?

Is the frozen heart of one Dr. Victor Fries be heading to the upcoming series Gotham?

One of the most anticipated series of the fall season has quickly become the new Batman-inspired Fox original series Gotham.

They have not even begun to dig into the core of the numerous amounts of villains that they could possibly use in the upcoming new series; however, they have certainly already made an impression with their choices.

We already know that we will get a look at a much younger version of our favorite villains like the Penguin, the Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and even the most popular Batman nemesis of all, The Joker.

However, this isn’t a story about Batman. In fact, Batman is only 10 years old in the new series. Gotham centers around the life of a rookie detective named James Gordon. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen…the man who will eventually become Commissioner of Gotham City, Jim Gordon.

Now, one of the characters that they have not mentioned as of yet would be the frozen heart of Dr. Victor Fries, otherwise known as Mr. Freeze.

He has always been one of the characters that fans have almost felt bad for considering what we know about his ordeal with his beloved wife and how he came to be the monster the people of Gotham know him as.

On the flip side, there really hasn’t been a whole lot of information about the character’s origins, which would give the people behind Gotham a real chance to bring something new to the Batman universe.

Unfortunately, as I said before, there has been no official mention of us seeing the frosty character in the upcoming series…or has there?

The people over at HitFix had an opportunity to sit down with director Danny Cannon and discuss the upcoming series, and when they asked Cannon if there was a moment in Season One that he was anticipating wanting to get behind the camera for, the character was finally mentioned.

“I have a big pitch with Bruno about the Mr. Freeze character, whose origins are uncertain.” Cannon told HitFix. “If I can win Geoff Johns over and if I can win Bruno over, then I look forward to the moment where that character can be realized.”

Now, don’t get too excited just yet. This is by no means any sort of an official confirmation that Mr. Freeze will be heading to Gotham to terrorize the city anytime soon; however, it does give us the notion that the idea is at least on the table.

Will it ever come into fruition? I guess we’ll have to watch and find out.

There is no definitive premiere date at this time; however, Gotham is slated to premiere Monday nights this fall on Fox.

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