New trailer for C.O.D. Advanced Warfare

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The Call of Duty franchise will “advance” into the future with their next game, C.O.D.: Advanced Warfare, coming to all platforms this February. Activision today released a video about the “future tech” that will be featured in the upcoming release.

The video highlights some of the new advances in the game such as a grenade that will show you where the enemy is and a blast shield that moves with you as you move throughout the maps. The developers discuss the extensive research on where modern warfare technology may be headed, albeit with a fantastical twist. For now.

Developers say the biggest change will be to the player itself as it introduces what they call the “exoskeleton”.  This feature will allow you to jump higher and run faster and will also allow you to see things in slow motion as well as the ability to go invisible.

Call of Duty has been the most successful shooter franchise in gaming since 2003 with the World War II premise Call of Duty. Since then, ten games have been released in the franchise. Call of Duty: Ghosts was released last year but that has not stopped the development team from creating a new game.

Currently the third DLC, Invasion, is live on Xbox formats, it will become available to Sony Playstation on July 3rd.


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