Steve Love does Game of Thrones impersonations

Game of Thrones is over until March of next year but that does not mean Game of Thrones isn’t around. The show has become a cultural phenomenon since it’s HBO debut four years ago. The series is planning three more seasons before they bow out.

Across the landscape of the world-wide internet we have seen voice over videos and parodies and we have seen Steve Love do impersonations.  Now, Love is back with yet another impersonation video that brings back some of the old and adds some new characters from season four.

Love nails quiet a few of the voices that he attempts to recreate and I found it fun to play the video and minimize the screen to try to guess which voices he was attempting. I have to say, I got most of them right.

Thrones is one of the most popular series to date and the success of the series has driven many fans to the bookstores and digital aisles of their tablets and readers to the original book series the show is based on. As we all wait for season five, many of us are still waiting for book six and have been for some three years now. There is still no release date for the novel.

For now, we can wait for season five and laugh along with fans like Steve Love.

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