EA Sports UFC's hilariously bad glitches (Video)

The highly anticipated EA Sports UFC game was recently released on July 17th to hordes of mixed martial arts and video game fans around the globe. With more than two years since the last “UFC Undisputed” game was released, fans had high hopes and expectations for EA’s first attempt at a UFC game.

Fans were worried about the lack of gameplay footage being released prior to the game being available in stores. Instead, EA focused on the showing off the graphics, new mechanics, and unveiled that Bruce Lee would be a playable character in the game.

While all of the aforementioned attributes are very nice in EA Sports UFC, the gameplay is seemingly having more than a few glitches, and they are hysterically awful.

Check out this hilarious montage of glitches from the new game with Tommy Toe Hold dubbing Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan’s commentary:

To be fair, many of the bugs in the video above were from the demo of the game and not the actual game itself:

As for the glitches in the actual game, many have been fixed by EA or they are currently working on fixing them.

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