Google I/O 2014: Android surpassed 1 billion active users

As Google’s I/O 2014 got underway on Wednesday, the numbers presented from the get go were nothing short of staggering, and one stood out among the rest.  While measuring 30 day periods at a time, Google boasted of Android having over 1 billion active users in that time frame.

The I/O conference is an annual event, and last year around this same time, Google indicated that over the same time frame, they had roughly 538 million active users.  Seeing that number nearly double in the span of two years is absolutely incredible.

Sundar Pichai of Google broke the staggering numbers alongside some other impressive numbers for the Android market.  Not only does Android have over 1 billion active users, Android devices are used to send over 20 billion text messages every single day.

He concluded his numbers portion by noting that over 93 million selfies are taken each day, and while he imagined that at least half are of the “duck face” variety, we can only hope that number is exaggerated.

At any rate, the numbers suggest that both Google and Android are seeing a massive increase in their install and user base.  The growth of the brand and technology as a whole is more than impressive.  Google has taken a hold of a considerable amount of market share and run with it.

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