Google I/O 2014: Android Wear announced

During their annual I/O developers conference, Google made sure to feature what has become one of the hottest new categories in technology, the wearable.  With Android Wear, Google has created a watch that essentially serves as an extension of your Android based smartphone, allowing for ease of use and functionality.

In showing off their Android Wear device, the watch was shown with the new “Material Design” design language implemented into it.  Each “card” displayed relevant information in from applications either running on the Android Wear device itself, or the users smartphone.

Applications can easily be sorted through with a swipe or a shift, and allow the user access to the information without ever having to reach for their phone.

On top of being an extension of applications, Android Wear devices will allow users to create reminders, send text messages, and field phone calls from their wrist.  Everything will circle back to coordinate with the paired Android based phone so that everything is universally stored.

As the Android Wear device was continually displayed during the conference, the technology behind the piece of new hardware couldn’t help but feel lackluster.  While wearables have grown into a much more popular category, the application of the Android Wear device in relation to sensibility seems to have been muddled.

What Google has built essentially boils down to Apple’s Siri on a watch.  There isn’t much functionality that is anything close to ground breaking, and with what will almost certainly be a hefty price tag, the devices could struggle to take off.

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