Google I/O 2014: Google unveils Android L

Android is getting a massive overhaul.

During the keynote speech at its annual Google I/O conference, Google unveiled the newest version of the popular Android operating system called Android L. The new OS is Google’s biggest overhaul of Android since its initial launch, completing reinventing the user interface design.

The new look OS takes aspects from iOS 7 and Windows Phone 8′s Metro UI, and combines them all into one nifty looking system. New colors, notifications and design features all come into play with Android L. The new operating system also has enhanced security features.

Android L features new navigation bars and material that pops and reforms intelligently, which allows the UI to adapt to different screen sizes. Even common apps like Gmail will receive a complete overhaul based on the new UI. You can see the new look Gmail app below.

Android L Google

When it comes to notifications, everything is being streamlined with Android L.

Now, users will be able to have access to every notification right on the lock screen. Double tap on the notification to open to corresponding app, or swipe it away to dismiss. Simply swiping up will give you access to your device like normal.

Android L Google

In regards to performance, the new OS will give users better ways to improve battery life thanks to a new battery saver mode that will allow users to decide how much power certain apps are able to consume.

A Developer Preview version of Android L will be available to users later on Wednesday, Google announced during the keynote. The new OS will be available to end-users later this fall.

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