Google I/O 2014: Razer announces new Android-TV console

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Google underwent its annual I/O developers conference today in San Francisco, and although Google was the obvious focal point, that didn’t stop the Android focus conference from bringing in some other tech notes as well.  Razer, the company known best for its mice, keyboards, and headphones, announced a new Android micro-console device.

The device that looks strikingly similar to both the Roku and Apple TV, will allow users to control TV functions through their other Android powered devices.  Phones and wearables powered by the Android technology will now also serve as remote controls.

While the device is first and foremost designed as a streaming device, Razer has announced that the Android TV device will also support gaming functionalities.  Razer is noted to be interested in entering the gaming market at some point in the near future, so that announcement was to be expected.

At this time, the company has not yet announced pricing, availability, or any sort of time frame for the new device.  Razer did note that they would like to make the device affordable, but to what extent will be the key.

It is interesting to note that Razer’s device profiles somewhere in the middle of a gaming console and a standard streaming device.  The market will dictate how the product sells, but understanding that the price point for the two different offerings is vastly different, is something that Razer will have to take into consideration.

At any rate, it is nice to see Google getting traction putting Android into other uses as well.

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