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Hollywood votes on their 100 favorite films

We all have our favorite movies of all time. Whether we take a look at the cinematic elements or list the ones that moved us, made us laugh, or even scared the hell out of us, the lists are typically different from one person to another. Regardless of our own opinions there are movies that tend to show up on everyone’s list.

Would your favorite list be the same as your top 100 list of greatest movies of all time? Probably not. The folks over at The Hollywood Reporter apparently felt the same as they have polled Hollywood to see what films they believe are the greatest of all time.

“Who better to judge the best movies of all time than the people who make them? Studio chiefs, Oscar winners and TV royalty all were surveyed as THR publishes its first definitive entertainment-industry ranking of cinema’s most superlative,” says the THR website.

While we don’t know who voted for what specifically I can say that the list isn’t exactly the same as what I would list as my top 100. Some of the surprises? Well that really depends on your taste and not mine as I am sure we have different opinions.

Coming in at number one is The Godfather. I have to admit that The Godfather would be pretty high on my list as I think it is in fact one of the greatest movies ever made. I don’t however believe it would have made my number one. That would belong to Schindler’s List.

The top five on this list are all great films but not necessarily again what I would have chose for my top five although I admit that both The Godfather and The Wizard of Oz would indeed make my top five. I would likely include The Godfather: Part II and because it’s my list, The Empire Strikes Back.

See, to each his own or as is the case with this list, to each Hollywood’s own.

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