Seth Rogen and James Franco in a promotional poster for "The Interview." Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

North Korea vows retaliation if The Interview is released

It would seem as if North Korea has gotten a look at the latest trailer for the upcoming comedy The Interview, and I think it is safe to say that they were not impressed.

On Sunday, the North Koreans made their stance on the film quite clear when they completely denounced everything about it, taking major offense to the way that Kim Jong-un is portrayed in the film.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, North Korea has vowed retaliation if the film is allowed be to released, proclaiming the film is “a clear act of terrorism.”

“If the U.S. administration connives at and patronizes the screening of the film, it will invite a strong and merciless countermeasure,” a spokesman for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday relayed by The Hollywood Reporter.

They went on to say that the film is “the most undisguised terrorism and a war action.”

I think they seem to be missing out on a very key piece of information here in their threats. In the United States, we have a thing called freedom of speech. This means that if a filmmaker wants to bash a particular governmental entity, they have the write to do so.

American Presidents have been parodied over and over again in both film and television. Anyone who has watched Saturday Night Live knows this.

Second of all, and I think this is one of the most important points here is that President Barack Obama has absolutely nothing to do with the creation, promotion, or anything else related to his film. That being said, this is surely not an act of war.

While the film does look a bit silly, the film, which stars James Franco and Seth Rogen as a pair of U.S. journalists who team with the government on a hair-brained plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, has every right to be released.

Hopefully, the North Koreans can resolve their issues with the film without any sort of violence, as this is meant to be an art form and not the catalyst for the next World War.

What do you think about the matter? Do you think the North Korean government is overreacting to the film? What do you think will come of the North Korean’s threat of retaliation, if anything? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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