Survivor cast member dies in train accident

Two seasons ago on Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Caleb Bankston survived the jungles and hardships of the Phillipines but on Tuesday the train he was working on in Alabama derailed and took his life. Bankston was a well liked member of the Survivor cast members but was overshadowed by his fiancé Colton Cumbie.

Cumbie provided over the top emotional baggage for the show and quit seven days in. Bankston however continued his attempt towards winning the $1 million dollar prize and made it as far as day 29 before being voted out. He became the third member of that seasons “jury”.

“Caleb was an amazing man and friend, one of the sweetest and most sincere humans I’ve ever come across. I am gutted by his loss. My thoughts and prayers are with his family,” former contestant Aras Baskauskas said in a statement to People magazine.

Bankston worked in the train industry for Watco Companies, L.L.C. and told the Associated Press that one of their workers had died in the derailment. Bankston was 26 years old.

Survivor debuted its first season on May 31st, 2000 and have since filmed 29 seasons of the series. The show has taken contestants to Borneo, the Amazon, China, Thailand, Africa, and Australia. Over the past six seasons the show has made the South Pacific it’s preferred destination.

The latest series will pit family members against each other in opposing tribes. Over the seasons, Survivor has strived to put contestants into awkward social circumstances forcing the contestants to rely on more than a will to survive.

Survivor: Blood Vs. Water returns for a second go around.

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