Jun 25, 2014; Recife, BRAZIL; Detaied view of the FIFA World Cup logo on an official Adidas soccer ball during USA team training at Arena Pernambuco. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

World Cup: Laser pointer flashes in Russian keeper’s eye (Photo)

Russia and Algeria are currently playing their final Group H match that will greatly affect the final result of the group once the game has gone final. The game is currently being played at the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba, Brazil live on ESPN2.

Algeria only needs a draw in order to progress to the knockout stage, where they would face Group G winners Germany. Russia, on the other hand, needs the victory and all three points if they hope to advance to the knockout stage of 16.

Early on in the contest, in the 6th minute to be precise, Alexander Kokorin gave Russia the lead when he scored a splendid goal off a perfect pass from Dmitriy Kombarov.

Russia desperately tried to hold off Algeria from that moment on, but in the 60th minute, Islam Slimani scored a header off a perfect volley from Yacine Brahimi following a set piece on the far left side of the pitch.

At first glance, the goal looked to be a stellar team effort, but looking at it again, it seems that the Russian goalie was distracted by a green laser pen right before the game tying goal.

Here is a video of the goal. Right before the free kick is taken, the broadcast shifts to Igor Akinfeev, the Russian goalkeeper, and you can clearly see the laser pen on his face.

Did the laser pen affect the goalie’s concentration? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Simon

    off course it distracted the goalie. and not only that but Algeria was cheating heavily in the second half. Three times a bench Algerian player on the sideline kicked the ball to waste time. This is outrageous and the referee only gave a yellow card and that was the third kick. And the referee was helping Algeria throughout the match. And the fact that they only gave Russia 3 minutes after Algeria were wasting so much times further proves its rigged. Algeria are a very crooked team with a crooked fan base its not a surprise that their Muslims.

    And this world cup is being rigged for Muslims,African teams and South American teams everyone else is getting screwed over such as Europeans,Asians or Russians! And did anyone find it odd that ESPN was only showing Algerian fans and constantly showing the muslims who were praying. Shows ESPN bias for Islam and against Christians and Russia. World Cup is a joke!

    • Linda Minakova

      Can’t you just accept the fact that Europeans are losing?Don’t forget what happened to Ivory Coast against Greece. And why no surprise that they are Muslim? How ignorant of you to say that.

      • kellwoohoo

        I am not going to address the comments regarding race, religion or rigging. But I watched that match live and someone was using a green laser pen which is blinding temporarily and sometimes permanently. You got to admit, there is NO place in the World Cup for lasers. They should make a rule that if any are used again, the team’s fans using them will be forced to forfeit the match. That should nip it in the bud real quick!

        • Ian Grace

          Hi Kellwoohoo, a serious incident for sure, remember anyone can pose as a teams fan so if their team is losing they can then introduce a laser to forfeit a result. I agree they should nip it in the bud, a £50,000 fine, lifetime ban from any stadium and 10 years imprisonment – why so serious a response? Because betting syndicates could choose to influence games and forfeit results as well as cheats trying to assist their teams. Why as a people are some so concerned with winning that they are prepared to try to cheat in order to do so? Simons comments are not worthy of a response btw.

  • Andrea

    Of course he was distracted!!! Any human would be! To me this is a crime and fifa needs to be involved!! I say RE-PLAY!! What a crime!! This fifa soccer organization is very laxi daisy! They should change their name to
    we will let u cheat a!