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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson gives inspirational phone call to paralyzed rugby player (Video)

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the busiest men in the world. If he’s not returning to WWE to do some work, which he has done the past few years, he’s working on his next blockbuster movie that will surely rake in record numbers at the box office upon release.

But for as busy as he is, he always seems to be able to take the time for special causes, especially ones that involve fans of his, such as recently paralyzed Rugby star, Alex McKinnon.

McKinnon, who plays for the Newcastle Knights of the National Rugby League, recently suffered a severe injury that severed his spine and left him a quadriplegic. It’s one of the sadder stories in sports recently, and for as strong as any one man is, anyone going through the type of ordeal that McKinnon is going through needs massive support.

That’s why it was amazing that The Rock took the time out of that busy schedule of his to pick up the phone and give McKinnon that inspirational phone call that he needed.

You can watch it take place in the video below.

With what The Rock did for so many years in the WWE ring, he put himself at risk of an injury such as this every night that he walked through the curtain.

Had he ever been put in the spot that McKinnon is currently in, he would more than likely want someone to do the same for him. That’s what makes The Rock such a great person in the real world.

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