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Sony announces The Last of Us Remastered PlayStation 4 Bundle

The Last of Us was arguably the perfect way for the Sony PlayStation 3 to go out with a bang.  The game was a beautiful display of artistic ability with gameplay unrivaled and a story that truly is amazing.  Sony is making sure to bring the same great experience to the PlayStation 4, and is upping the ante.

Announced today on the European PlayStation Blog, The Last of Us Remastered version will be making its debut on the PlayStation 4 and will be available as part of a bundle with the console itself.

The bundle will include everything that typically comes with the PlayStation 4, the console and the DualShock controller, but it will also include a copy of The Last of Us Remastered.  The bundle will retail for 429 euros, which is just north of the typical 399 euros that a PlayStation 4 console costs on its own.

Though at this time, the console has only been announced for European gamers, it would stand to reason that details will soon break to bring the bundle to the United States.  The console itself costs nothing more to make, as it isn’t a different color or any sort of deviation from the standard offering.  Bundling such a blockbuster game with the PlayStation 4 console could provide gamers on the fence to make the purchase.

During E3, The Last of Us Remastered got a release date of July 29, and has been eagerly anticipated by gamers across the globe since.  Whether you played the game on the PlayStation 3 or not, the Remastered version will definitely be more than just a graphical upgrade.

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