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WWE: Stone Cold Steve Austin calls Roman Reigns the next megastar

After the split of the Shield, you can clearly see that Roman Reigns is on the fast track to the top of the company. With stars such as John Cena and Randy Orton getting up their in age, it’s been rumored that Reigns is being groomed to be the next face of the company, and apparently Stone Cold Steve Austin agrees.

In a recent interview with Between the Ropes, when asked about Reigns, Austin pulled no punches in saying that not only can Reigns become a top star, but he could become a ‘megastar,’ right up there with the likes of him and his cousin, The Rock.

“Whew, that’s a great question. There’s three guys who have big superstars written on them. I think Bray Wyatt is one of them, Cesaro is one of them, but when I got to mention the guy your asking for is Roman Reigns. He happens to be related to The Rock. Good looking kid, damn good worker in the ring, I want to know some more about his promos. But man, if I got to look at the roster right now and say whose my next megastar, his name is Roman Reigns.”

Everyone seems to be a fan of Reigns making the leap to the top, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does he have the traditional look of a WWE megastar, but his work in the ring is there to back everything else up.

Will he get his first WWE title this Sunday in the ladder match at Money in the Bank?

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