Sons of Anarchy to return in September

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Son’s of Anarchy producers announced that the show will indeed return this September for it’s seventh and supposedly final season. The sixth season continued the very popular FX show and ended shocking fashion.

The show is incredibly violent but the writing is superb and the acting is fantastic. In addition to Charlie Hunnam and Katy Sagal, the show has showcased actors Maggie Siff and a great performance by Canadian born Kim Coates. Entering season seven, fans want to know which characters will die and which ones will live on through our own imaginations as the show ends?

So what will season seven have in store should it really be the last we see of Charming, California? Casting additions have not led to any insight into the shows direction. The series will add Marilyn Manson and Annabeth Gish.

“It would be difficult if I got rid of characters like Tig and Juice and Chibs, especially with Opie gone. They feel like family to people,” Sutter told Entertainment Weekly. “You have to be very careful not to be arbitrary in terms of who lives and who dies.”

While the show is set to bow following the seventh season, Sutter said that should he feel as though he can’t complete the series during season seven he would ask for another year but he believes that he can fit his show conclusions into this sevenths season.Son

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