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Stone Cold Steve Austin thinks Cesaro should win WWE title at Money in the Bank

Tonight at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view, there will be a special ladder match held to crown a new WWE champion in the wake of the neck injury to Daniel Bryan that forced him to relinquish the belts. One of the men involved, Cesaro, isn’t getting much of a chance to be booked to win the belt, although Stone Cold Steve Austin disagrees with that sentiment.

The biggest superstar in WWE history was recently asked in an interview with Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald who he thinks should win the title at Money in the Bank, and he made it a point to name Cesaro as the right choice, and go a little in depth on the reason why.

“Triple H has had it enough. Cena has had it enough. You need a fresh face, so you might as well take advantage of a bad situation, which is Daniel Bryan’s neck and make a new superstar. With Cesaro having [Paul] Heyman in his corner, he would be a great choice because of Heyman’s advice. His credibility, Cesaro’s in-ring ability speaks for itself. He is going to be a badass.

Austin still watches WWE religiously, and it’s been no secret that he’s been calling for a shake up in the company with some of the younger talent they have on the roster. He also recently stated that he believes Roman Reigns can one day be on the level of guys like he and the Rock as the next big megastar in wrestling.

Do you think Austin is right? Should they pull the trigger Sunday night on Cesaro winning his first world championship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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