Twitter launching app install and engagement ads globally

Twitter has announced that due to the success of its MoPub ad network in North America, it is beginning the process of launching its mobile app promotion ads feature globally.

The social network says that the MoPub ad network now reaches over 1 billion iOS and Android users every month, making it one of the top mobile advertising platforms going today. The service promotes apps in a user’s mobile Twitter stream, and will either take users who click on the ad to the store to download the app, or to the app itself if it is already installed on the device.

Alongside the launch of the ad network, Twitter is also launching a new cost-per-app-click pricing for users to take advantage of, along with a new dashboard feature to keep track of all ad activity.

Mobile app install ads began running in beta on Twitter this past April. Twitter says that the reasoning for the increase in mobile app install ads is due to the fact that more people use the social network on their phones than on their computers.

Publishers will have the ability with the updated service to customize their ads with their own images, descriptions, icons  and anchor text.


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