Bryan Cranston was a Power Rangers villain once (Video)

We are nearing the one year anniversary of the final season of Breaking Bad and we’re getting even closer to the Emmy nominations which will see the last year of eligibility for the hit AMC series. One of the Emmy locks we can pretty much all pencil in right now is that Bryan Cranston will at least get a nomination for Best Actor in a Drama Series and with that final nomination for the role of his career in Walter White, we will all be looking back at how he got to be where he is now.

We all knew about his guest roles on Seinfeld and his breakout role on the hit series Malcolm in the Middle but we tend to forget one of Cranston’s earliest roles on the kid’s television series Power Rangers. This lost role was brought up last year when breaking Bad aired it’s series finale and everyone got nostalgic about Cranston’s rather incredible career but it’s never a bad time to look back at where he started.

It’s footage like this that makes us realize just what a long and hard climb it was for Cranston to make. He went from being a virtually unknown actor voicing a Power Rangers villain to a Emmy and Tony Award winning actor who is one of the most well respected thespians of his generation.

And we all, in a way, have Power Rangers to thank for it.

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