Captain America: Winter Soldier first U.S. film in 4DX

The first theater utilizing 4DX technology is out in Los Angeles and became the first theater to show a full length feature film in the new format. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the first film to play in the theatre and last weekend Transformers: Age of Extinction is following Captain.

Prices for seeing the film in a 4DX theatre are quite expensive and will likely run around $8.00 over the cost of a 3D film which adds $3.00 to the price of your ticket. To see Transformers in 4DX would cost around $26.00.

The technology on this level is relatively new. Iron Man 3 premiered in Japan a few months ago but honestly it’s not exactly “new” technology. Disney has been using it for years…albeit on a much lower scale.

If you have been to one of the Disney theme parks you have no doubt sat through “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” or “A Bug’s Life”. Both scaled down features use the 4D technology that provide puffs of air, squirts of water, and other sensory components to mimic what is on screen. In fact one ride at Disney’s Magic Kingdom uses similar technology to add effects to a horror ride. Pressure on your shoulders that give you the sense of someone or something leaning on you, warm air that blows across the back of your neck as you hear breathing from behind you. Now take that to another level and we have 4DX theaters.

Like most new theater’s time will tell if 4DX moves out of the large market cities and into the mainstream. It was only a few short years ago that we asked the same question of 3D advanced theaters, although to be fair adding a new type of projector is a lot different than completely overhauling your theater.

Check out the video below, it gets better at the 2:00 mark and then let us know if this is something you would want to see come to, “a theater near you”.

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