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Johnny Manziel, Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber party together (Photo)

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As if the world wasn’t already exciting enough, we have photographic evidence that the best night ever went down recently in Beverly Hills as three of the most talked about celebrities on the planet all got together for what could only have been hte best party ever.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was seen this weekend at a party hosted by Justin Bieber which also featured the likes of heavyweight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. According to TMZ, the story gets event better as the trio were partying so hard at Bieber’s house in Beverly Hills that the police had to be called to keep the peace because of course they were.

Manziel was hanging with Floyd Mayweather, Tyrese, Tyga, Chantel Jeffries and others at Bieb’s pad in Beverly Hills … when Beverly Hills PD was called to the home early Tuesday morning by someone complaining about loud music.

We’re told cops responded to the home and they spoke with someone at the residence — not Bieber — and the gang complied and cranked the tunes down.

Manziel is likely to get hit the hardest for this as he has already been blasted by the Browns and the NFL media for partying during his rookie offseason when some believe he should be focusing on learning the playbook he’ll likely be taking over at some point this season.

Still, what anyone wouldn’t have given to have been a fly on the wall during a party in which Manziel, Mayweather and Bieber were all in the same room together doing only the party gods know what.

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