Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon at "WWE Payback." Photo Credit: WWE

Brie Bella's WWE return spoiled by company's costume designer?

As part of the storyline involving her husband, former WWE champion Daniel Bryan, and his battle with the Authority, Brie Bella quit the company a few weeks ago so that her husband wouldn’t have to give up his title. As we found out, that all didn’t matter in the end as his extended recovery time forced him to give up the belt anyway, but nonetheless Brie is gone from the company.

However, she might be back sooner rather than later, and it may have been WWE’s costume designer that gave that fact away.

On Wednesday, WWE designer Sandra Gray was asked on twitter after posting a picture of her and the Diva’s backstage whether or not Brie would be getting some new gear. Following that question, she responded with this…

Well that might not have been the smartest move in the world, but then again, you can’t necessarily blame Ms. Gray for not keeping kayfabe. Nor do I think the company cares these days whether she does or not.

Now it should be noted that the rumors is that when Brie does make her return, it will be to face the woman that spent so much energy giving her husband a hard time, and the woman she quit in front of, Stephanie McMahon at Summerslam–which is happening “soon.”

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