Murdered: Soul Suspect developer Airtight Games reportedly shuttered

The video game industry can be tough on development studios these days, as even a hit title isn’t necessarily enough to keep the doors open. When the reviews for your new game are mixed, as they were for Airtight Games’ Murdered: Soul Suspect, the risk is even greater.

Thus, it’s sad but not shocking to read GeekWire report that Airtight has closed up shop, posting proof in the form of a sign outside the studio’s offices saying “company closing doors” and advertising a blow out sale on office equipment. The fact that neither GeekWire nor GameSpot have been able to contact Airtight for comment is also an ominous sign.

The move comes despite the company laying off employees in April as a “restructuring” move. Players seemed to like Murdered: Soul Suspect slightly more than the critics did, though Daniel George at our sister site Gamesided was unimpressed, citing the game’s uninspired gameplay and lack of polish as elements that outweighed its intriguing story.

Still, it’s always tough to see a developer with a 10-year history shut down so soon after releasing a game. Here’s hoping as many former Airtight employees as possible are able to land on their feet.

(via GameSpot)

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