NBA Draft 2014: Breaking down the worst first round picks

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Now that the dust has settled in the 2014 NBA Draft, we will take a closer look at some teams that may have hurt themselves with their picks.

Draft time is a great time. Teams contending for a title are looking for that one pick who can put them over the top. Teams rebuilding are looking for that player that can turn their fortunes around. Everyone has hope.

The teams we cover here all had that hope. The front offices looked at the talent and their needs and decided that these players are the ones who can be cornerstones for years to come. Some will be right, but for these teams here, they miscalculated and made wrong choices.

Of course, this is only a preliminary breakdown. Some of these picks may eventually turn out well. What we are looking at now is a snapshot of a team’s needs versus the talent chosen. These are the picks that right now seem like a bad move. 

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