OnLive, Wikipad team up for CloudLift/Wikipad 7 bundle deal

The streaming video game service OnLive may not have shaken up the video games industry the way it appeared it might when it made a splashy debut a few years ago, but the company is still out there, working on a way to deliver cloud-based gaming under it’s new philosophy of “big games on small devices.”

Earlier this year, OnLive found a hardware manufacturer that was a perfect partner in Wikipad, whose Wikipad 7 is a purpose-built Android tablet with an integrated, low latency controller that is perfect for playing games. Now the two companies have announced a bundle deal to make it even more attractive to pick up one of the tablets and use it for playing PC games streamed through OnLive’s CloudLift service.

By heading to the Wikipad store and entering the code “E3WIKIPAD,” gamers can get a Wikipad 7 for 20 percent off its normal $199 price, along with free shipping. The bundle also comes with a free month of CloudLift, allowing supported PC games from multiple digital libraries to be streamed to the device, as well as a free month of PlayPack, OnLive’s pure cloud-based gaming libarary of 250 titles that can be streamed to PC, Mac, TV or Android tablet.

I had a chance to spend a little time with the Wikipad 7 at E3 and fond it to be a cool piece of gaming tech. The controller is very solid without feeling bulky and is made specifically for that tablet, meaning it fits perfectly. Look for a review of the complete bundle on Fansided later this month.

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