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How many hot dogs can Joey Chestnut eat?

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest has become a Fourth of July tradition here in the United States. Some may say that’s part of what’s wrong with our country, but that’s neither here nor there; not mention, we frankly don’t care because it’s a damn entertaining thing to watch, someone consume hot dogs at a rapid pace.

However, up until a few years ago, it wasn’t an American that put the event on the map, rather it was Japanese competitive eating superstar Takeru Kobayashi, who dominated year after year.

Well, that was until 2007 when a red-blooded American named Joey Chestnut came along, took his title and has not looked back since.

Another thing that Chestnut hasn’t done since is stop breaking records. Just last year, Chestnut broke his own world record for hot dogs eaten in the 10-minute span.

Which begs the question, especially for those that might be unfamiliar with the event: How many hot dogs can Joey Chestnut eat.

Well, here’s a look at how many he’s eaten throughout his seven-year reign:

  • 2007- 66
  • 2008- 59
  • 2009- 68
  • 2010- 54
  • 2011- 62
  • 2012- 68
  • 2013- 69

Those are just some outlandish numbers right there, but that’s why he gets to walk away with the coveted mustard belt every year. This year, all eyes will be on whether or not he can shatter his own record once again and break the 70 mark?

What do you think? Can Chestnut shatter his record once again and put down 70? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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