Motley Crue farewell tour falls flat opening night

There is something to be said about ’80′s hair bands, their music may still linger but their performances, eh, not so much. Motley Crue opened it’s “The Final Tour” concert tour last night in Michigan to an early energetic crowd. By the time the show was over the geriatrics on the stage had everyone in the audience looking for a bed to curl up in.

According to Daniel Mears of the Detroit Free Press, the Grand Rapids show was quite the train wreck.

The bands farewell tagline is “all bad things must come to an end” and judging by Mears’ review, the concert tour might want to do the same.

It trainwrecked three times, actually, the first coming less than 20 minutes into the show, when drummer Tommy Lee blew out his kickdrum during the closing moments of “Primal Scream.” While crew members scrambled to repair the broken drum, guitarist Mick Mars filled the dead air by cranking out an ear-splitting guitar solo at airplane hangar volume (seriously, it was so loud). But the repairs took longer than he was able to noodle, and he eventually stopped and left the stage along with the rest of the band members as house music came up in the arena.

Mears goes on to say that after the delay 10 minutes went by before Crue guitars Mick Mars screwed up the intro to one of the songs incising Nikki Sixx to tell the audience “You know whats (expletive) cool? When you watch a band forget their own song.”  Moments later the band messed up another intro to one of their songs and later lead vocalist Vince Neil told the audience to take a seat stating he needed one too.

Alice Cooper is opening for the band and Mears points out that the 50 minute or so lead in to Crue’s show was typical Alice Cooper. In other words he was spot on.

Mears points out that the “funeral of the crue” theme felt like a funeral in the audience, perhaps the fans walked away wishing Rob Corddry’s Lou would show up out of another Hot Tub Time Machine and take over. Not a good “Kick-start” for Motley Crue.





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