PayDay 2 receiving a shotgun blast

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PayDay 2 wants you to blast away the police with the new Gage Shotgun Pack DLC releasing for the game on Thursday.

The DLC comes with three new shotguns, a number of new melee weapons, new masks and a variety of new ammunition types. Full details can be found in the list below.

  • The M1014 is a gas-operated, semi-auto combat shotgun. It comes with a collapsible combat stock that can also be modded into a pistol grip. The gun can also be modded with sights, lasers and flashlights.
  • A new 12-gauge pump action shotgun known as the RAVEN. The RAVEN has two tube magazines that can hold up to seven shells each.
  • The final new gun is called the STREET SWEEPER, which comes in long and short barrel form. The mods for the gun include a specially designed silencer that only fits the two forms of the STREET SWEEPER. It holds 12 rounds in a revolving cylinder. All of the standard attachments can be added to the gun.
  • New Melee weapons include a Survival Tomahawk, Utility Machete, Telescopic Baton and, the best thing ever, a shovel.
  • New masks for this DLC are Rutger the orangutan, Clint the squirrel monkey, John the mandrill (not to be confused with a baboon) and Steve the gorilla

The Gage Shotgun Pack DLC will cost you $4.99 for everything.

What do you think of the game’s new DLC? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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