Q*Bert is making his return next week

I’m definitely risking dating myself by admitting this, but I remember Q*Bert as a big deal back in the day. For starters, he was kind of hard to forget, given that he was an orange dude with a long nose and no arms. Then there was the fact that he liked to curse when hit on the head, and his game had the craziest joystick ever, as it only worked in diagonal directions.

Since the days of feeding quarters into arcade cabinets are long behind us (to the delight of piggy banks everywhere), Q*Bert’s impending return is coming in a modern form: in Q*Bert Reloaded, which will hit PC and Mac for $4.99 via Steam on July 8. Not only will there be a Reloaded mode with hexagonal blocks, new characters and new traps to help thwart enemies, the classic game will also be included. Mobile versions for iOS and Android are also in the works from developers Galaxy Pest Control and Gonzo Games.

qbert-cursingNo word on whether or not Q*Bert Reloaded will make your computer desk make a loud knocking sound when you fall off the playing field or if anyone is thinking about reviving the animated series. Hey, we may as well ride the nostalgia train all the way to the end of the line, right?

(via Gamezebo)

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