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Batman v Superman script leak: Did Kevin Smith write a fake script?

The summer movie season is almost over this year but there is plenty look forward to in a still jam packed 2015 season ahead. There were some losses to be had, as films like Star Wars Episode VII and Batman v Superman both moved out of the summer block and into later release dates, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors for both from piling up.

One of the most recent rumors surrounds Batman v Superman and a supposed script leak that has some of the scoop sites scrambling for information. Latino-Review recently reported that there will be four more villains added to the new film, but this is a report being refuted by other scoop sites who claim the information obtained by Latino-Review came from a bunk scrip that Warner Bros is using as a smokescreen.

The blog MovieWeb claims to have an email that states the script was commissioned by Warner Bros and assigned to be written by Kevin Smith in order to throw those looking for scoops of the scent of the film.

It’s not a bad idea by Warner Bros but the validity of the story is what is being called into question by fans. So far we’ve heard nothing from Smith on this matter, which is strange since you literally cannot pay him to shut up — he actually no talks for a living. If Smith had anything at all to do with Batman, we’d likely have known by now which is the main reason he’d be at the bottom of the list when it comes to folks Warner Bros would turn to to write a fake script.

This is something an intern could do and while Warner Bros wants to keep Batman v Superman a secret, penning a fake script seems like a lot of work for a thin shield.

Still, the fact of the matter is the rumors are running wild on Batman v Superman and the best thing to do is to be mindful and careful of what you believe and what you don’t.

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