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Justin Gaethje talks title fight with Nick Newell

Just ahead of his WSOF lightweight title defense against Nick Newell, Justin Gaethje spoke to MMA Junkie on a variety of subjects regarding this weekend’s bout.

On Newell: “He’s never fought a wrestler. That’s why (people) haven’t been able to stop him: basic front headlock defense. You’ve got to keep pressure on his hips so he can’t get them in and control the hands.”

On Newell’s submission skills: “He’s not going to take me down. It’s going to stay on the feet…He’s great at what he does, so I can’t let him get my head down. When someone is determined to get something, they usually get it if they try hard enough, and he does. Nick is one determined fighter. So it’s going to be a war, and I just have to keep working for 25 minutes. I’m a lot different fighter than he’s ever fought before, so I would have some choice words for his opponents, also. He’s tough. You can’t take him lightly. You have to go out there with the mindset to whoop his butt.”

Regarding a possible fight with Melvin Guillard: “I’m the champion, and anybody that wants a shot, I’ll give them an ass-whupping, too. If Melvin wants it, he knows where to find me. Me and him, we’re a lot alike. We’re both nuts.”

On NBC adding more noteriety to WSOF: “I’ve only fought four times now on TV, and I’ve got a lot to show. I’m not getting as much recognition as you would think, but I’m fine with it. I want people to know me for fighting, and one day, that’s going to be easy.”

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