Sports Science breaks down Joey Chestnut eating 69 hot dogs

Sports Science on ESPN has broken down some cool things over the years. On Friday ahead of the 98th annual Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest in Coney Island, they broke down how a competitive eater’s stomach handles all that food.

Specifically, now eight-time champion Joey Chestnut stomached 69 hot dogs last year, a contest record. It broke the mark of 68, his previous high he had reached twice before. In 2012 he won by a margin of 15.75, and in 2013 he won by a margin of 18 hot dogs. The margin of victory was growing as Chestnut’s streak continued.

So how does he prepare?

“I get into a cycle where I’ll do a practice contest, then I’ll fast for about three days,” he told Parade magazine this week.

“No solid food, just lots of liquids. So I pretty much do a cleanse after every practice and go into my next practice empty, and I push a little bit harder.”

So John Brenkus took 69 hot dogs and shoved them down a fake throat into a bag as a stomach to show you how it grows in the body. It was pretty disgusting, check it out:

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