Daniel Bryan in ring gear at WWE TV tapings

Daniel Bryan was present at this week’s WWE TV tapings in a dark segment, complete with ring gear.

Bryan was in his gear because he filmed the anti-smoking PSA videos that will air in the coming months. The commercial shows a fan so addicted to smoking that he misses Bryan thanking him because he was outside of the arena smoking.

After shooting the PSA, Bryan cut a similar promo to the one he did at Money In the Bank about coming back better than before and possibly needing a second surgery.

The WWE was hopeful that Daniel Bryan would be available to return by now, but unfortunately, he’s still feeling the effects of a long standing neck injury. As mentioned, its likely that Daniel Bryan may need a second neck surgery that would put him on the sidelines substantially longer than originally anticipated. The company is hoping that he won’t have to undergo a fusion, which would put him out for a year.

In the wake of his injury, the WWE, looking for star power, brought back the likes of Chris Jericho, the Miz, and AJ Lee this week on Monday Night Raw. The show ended up being one of their best in months, something the company desperately needed in the wake of declining stocks and inconsistent ratings.

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