Lionel Messi stars in new adidas ad (Video)

Soccer is the world’s biggest sport and has a wide variety of superstars because of the sheer quantity of leagues and players. It also has some of the best ads in all of sports.

Adidas, a big sponsor of the sport, has released  new ad staring Argentina striker and Barcleona star Lionel Messi. The ad is simple, yet elegant in black and white. There are some images of storm, suggesting that is the pressure and circus of an impending game.

Then some narration comes in from Rodrigo Messi, Lionel’s brother, in Spanish. There are Englsih subtitles so you can follow along.

Rodrigo says: “He has no secrets, nothing hidden. The most sacred thing is to rest. He gets focused and relaxed.”

Rodrigo sounds more optimistic about Messi than is grandfather.

“I think he’s been pretty poor,” Cuccitini said, via “In Spain, he’s got more zip, he goes ’round 22 players. He needs to get his spark back.”

“Right now Leo isn’t running, I’m not convinced by him,” Cuccitini continued. “I’m truthful and I don’t have time for hot air.”

“You can’t demand everything,” Cuccitini added. “He’s not God, who can do it all. … Keep your chin up, you’ll do great, I love you lots.”

Watch the ad below:

[h/t] 101 Great Goals

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