Man busts two women trying to steal his stuff from the beach (Video)



Watch what happens when a guy returns to his stuff on the beach and discovers two middle-aged ladies attempting to steal it.

I love how the two women try to act like they’re not doing anything, even though they are clearly attempting to dismantle the man’s canopy, and even ask him to help them in taking it down.

I also love how the guy plays it. It’s a great ambush, offering to help them take down the canopy, then springing on them that it’s his fricking canopy and he would like them to get their hands off it.

But the absolute best part comes at the end when the two women, who have been caught red-handed in the process of stealing another person’s stuff in broad daylight from the beach, act like they’re the victims and he’s being the dick to them. Even though the dude is being way more civilized about it than you could possibly hope.

Now what do you do if you’re the women and you get busted? You just have to admit it, right? You just have to throw your hands up and say, “Okay dude. You caught us. Sorry about that. No hard feelings.”

You absolutely can’t get indignant and then even attack the guy. That is just so many different kinds of wrong.

Really, what the hell is the matter with old ladies today? They used to be so kindly and helpful and nice. Now they’re just horrible violent beach-thieves.

Can’t old ladies go back to making cookies and knitting shawls? Damn it man.

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Tags: Lifestyle

  • Gary Slippoy

    How low will some people sink?

  • Jon

    Bama fans

  • RovingTexan

    He should have decked the old cow.

    • Mike

      I really hope the part that we didn’t see was him planting her into the sand with a right hook. Really?? You try to steal the guy’s stuff and then you physically go after him when you get caught? In my mind, as soon as a girl decides she wants to get violent she has forfeited all the status and protections that accompany her gender. Chivalry is one thing, allowing yourself to be assaulted is quite another.

  • Dominic Marcello

    Why did you have to turn this hilarious video into a slur against old ladies at the end?

    • Patrick Allen

      Because he’s hilarious.

  • Turtle

    Bama fans, go figure

  • Jody Brown Tierney

    Dude, don’t diss us old ladies…;) I will make cookies but really? who knits? Stupid old ladies, giving us awesome old broads a bad name.

  • Zack Boren

    How tall do you think that dumb woman is? 5′ 4″? MAYBE? This dude obviously had to point the camera down to get a shot on her. Now, I don’t agree in hitting middle aged thief-women. However… If it was me, I may have just fireman carried her tiny butt to the water and thrown her in. Or, if my fiance was with me, just let her take it. Southern idiotic trailer trash, meet Irish Italian New York love of my life. It’s a meeting you won’t forget :). Love my baby <3

  • WmThomas2424

    Dirt Bags…. I hope their families see this…..