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Streak for the Cash Picks-July 5, 2014

As you recover from your fourth of July festivities, Streak for the Cash is here to help with a full slate of options today from all across the world of sports.  With a total of 29 picks on the board, it’s by far our biggest day of the month so far and has a nice variety as well as just sheer volume of options.  Things got started this morning with the first stage of the Tour de France which will be a regular on Streak for the next few weeks.  The cylcing was joined by the Wimbledon Ladies Final which got me an early green to get the day off to a good start. With the World Cup, a jam-packed day of MLB options, the PGA Tour, and even some CFL action, the rest of the day shapes up to be full or chances to get some green.  Tonight the options don’t slow down much as the WNBA, NASCAR, and UFC 175 join the baseball  schedule to fill up the evening.

Hopefully your holiday weekend continues with plenty of green on this Saturday, and here are my recommendations for the day with my confidence in each pick on a scale of 1-10:

7/5 Streak Picks

12:00- Belgium: 4

1:05- Boston Red Sox: 5

2:15- St. Louis Cardinals: 7

3:00- Kevin Chappell or tie: 3

3:00- Toronto Argonauts: 4

4:00- Any Other Result: 3

4:01- No: Netherlands doesn’t lead at halftime: 4

4:05- Washington Nationals: 6

4:05- Pittsburgh Pirates: 7

4:08- Detroit Tigers: 5

4:10- Atlanta Braves: 5 1/2

4:10- Cincinnati Reds: 4

4:10- Los Angeles Dodgers: 6 1/2

5:00- San Antonio Stars: 3

5:32- Yes 1+ Goals in 75th minute or later: 5

7:05- Kansas City Royals: 4

7:15- Boston Red Sox: 5 1/2

7:15- New York Mets: 5

7:15- San Diego Padres: 3

7:40- Car numbered 1 through 30: 4

8:00- Tulsa Shock: 3 1/2

9:40- Urijah Faber wins by submission: 5

10:00- Chicago Sky: 3

10:05- Oakland Athletics: 5 1/2

10:05- Houston Astros: 3 1/2

11:25- Ronda Rousey wins before start of 2nd round: 3

11:55- Chris Weidman: 4

Streak Scoreboard

Thursday’s Results: 4-7

July Record: 25-24

Final June Record: 217-183-3

July Confident Picks (5+): 11-4

My Personal Entry for July: 7-9

My Longest Streak: W2

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