July 22, 2012; Paris, FRANCE; Bradley Wiggins (GBR), in yellow, and Mark Cavendish (GBR) during stage twenty of the 2012 Tour de France in Paris. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Prevost/Presse Sports via USA TODAY Sports

Tour de France Stage 1 ends with giant crash (Video)

The Tour de France started today and it didn’t take long for it’s race’s main appeal for non-cycling fans to happen. After a day of high octane cycling that god the blood of bikers everywhere pumping, Stage 1 ended with a gigantic crash that looked like it really hurt to be involved with.

We can all blame Mark Cavendish for this spectacular mess as it appears that he was the root cause of the pileup in the final sprint of the day. Canvendish was trying to squeeze past a pair of fellow riders to earn a yellow jersey but he ended up getting clipped and getting flipped right over his handlebars.

It was a nasty spill and as much as non-cycling fans want to laugh at messes like this, they’re really serious situations. It’s easy to shrug off a skinned knee if we novices try cycling but the rates of speed these professionals are going make for even more spectacular crashes that hurt ten times as much.

It’s not clear how this is going to effect that start of Stage 2 but Cavendish’s attempts to get that yellow jersey were all for not and he ended up taking down other yellow jersey hopefuls along with him.

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