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UFC 175 results: Russell Doane defeats Marcus Brimage via split decision

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Marcus Brimage vs. Russell Doane (Bantamweight)

Round 1: Both men come out and feel each other out in the center of the octagon, until Brimage lands a nice inside leg kick. Not long after that, Doane catches Brimage with a nice take down. Doane looks to slide the arm under for a choke, but he can’t get it. Doane maintains control and rolls over to his back where he tries to get the hook, but Brimage does a nice job of blocking it.

Brimage tries to spin back to his feet, but Doane catches him with the choke again and brings him right back down. Doane is looking to finish this early, but again, Brimage doing a fantastic job of preventing that.

Brimage uses incredible explosion to get right back to his feet and get back to a standing fight as he goes for a few leg sweep attempts. He lands a nice left hand, followed up by a nice front kick as the round comes to a close.

Round 2: Doane immediately starts the round looking to land a front kick, and Brimage answers back with one of his own. Brimage continues to attack the inside of the lower leg, and he eventually catches Doane with a right hook and gets him to the mat. They quickly get back up.

Back on their feet, Brimage catches with another inside leg kick, and this one knocks down Doane, who is now limping from the strikes. He is able to rebound, though, and get Brimage to the canvas, but that doesn’t last long as Brimage gets right back up and gets free.

Doane gets Brimage up against the fence and lands some knees, and Brimage counters with some strikes to the side. Doane having a hard time getting the take down that he wants.

Round two comes to a close with Brimage landing another kick to the lower leg.

Round 3: Both men come out throwing straight jabs until Doane goes for a front kick but Brimage takes him right down. They quickly get back to their feet and Brimage goes right back to work with the lower leg kicks, of which he connects two more to the same spot in the left leg he’s targeted all fight.

Doane looks for the guillotine submission, but Brimage gets right out of it. They stand back up and battle back and forth right to the finish, but Brimage looked tremendous in his bantamweight debut, but he couldn’t get the win.

Winner: Russell Doane via split decision


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