The Leftovers Episode 2 Review: Things just got even weirder

The HBO series The Leftovers keeps getting weirder and weirder and we’re only on the second episode of the series. Once again more questions were raised than we saw answered but it’s starting to look like that’s the point of the show.

A main story we saw tonight surrounded Meg and her first weeks with the GR. Despite the details coming in slow, we did manage to learn more about the cult — which apparently isn’t a cult — and just how brutal it can be. No matter how hard she tried to resist and question, the silence eventually brain washed Meg and she surrendered her freedom in an ironically freeing yet terrifying moment for her character.

We also dug deeper into Kevin’s relationship with the dog hunter who may or may not exist. It was weird the first time he showed up and now that he’s trying to investigate him, those Kevin speaks to about the dog hunter believe that he and Kevin might be the same person. This was something we suspected in the past but now it’s hard to ignore every subtle clue that might suggest that Kevin is imagining the dog hunter, even if those clues aren’t there — which is the point.

One of the more interesting moments of the night was when Kevin visited his father, who is either completely crazy or capable of talking to those who have disappeared. Either way, he knew about the dog hunter visiting Kevin, which seems to prove that he’s real. If we weren’t convinced by that then Kevin grabbing the missing bagels out of the back of the toaster at the end f the episode was a calm reminder that he’s not crazy — at least not yet.

And then there’s Wayne and what ever he has going on with Annie at the compound. It’s clear that Wayne is beyond crazy with whatever he believes in and this episode was the first time we saw the cracks showing in both Wayne and more so in Tom, who is forced into a position to protect Annie knowing he can never be her savior.

All in all, more questions were raised than we saw answered on Sunday night but we were given answers which is more than we thought we’d get from a show that continues to confuse each week.

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  • leastyebejudged

    I dug episode 2, I’m in. This series is awesome.

    It’s funny all the crap people say about it. I like it, my friends dig it. F*ck the rest of you a$$holes.

  • Thorn McDaniel

    The revenge of John From Cincinnati…